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  • August 9-11, 2005 NEbraskaCERT Conference 2005


    NEbraskaCERT's Cyber Security Forum - March 2004

    March 2004 Meeting Information

    WHAT: Omaha's Cyber Security Forum
    TOPIC: Auditing Linux
    BY: Michael Hoesing, CISA, CISSP
    DETAILS: Mike will present a tutorial of an audit process that has structure, objectives, and documented methodology. The tutorial will apply this methodology to a review of the LINUX operating system to exemplify the process of auditing Information Technology.

    Updated for NEbraskaCERT Conference 2004 (August 3-5, 2004)
    Check Mike's Updates Here

    Download Mike's Main PPT (AuditingLINUX2.ppt)
    Download LINUX_Audit_Program_V1.doc
    Download LinuxBenchmark.pdf
    Download MTH_Linux_Audit_V5.txt
    Download TodaysMeeting.ppt
    Download checksyslog.tgz
    Download chkexploit_1.13.tgz
    Download chkrootkit.tar.gz
    Download cis-linux.tar.gz
    Download cis-scan
    Download tester.sub.SuSE

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