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Basic Info

NEbraskaCERT offers the Security Professional Training Class (SPT) to help a qualified individual gain experience in all of the typical domains that are required to pass many of the current Security Professional exams. It is modeled after the requirements of the ISC^2 exams for CISSP and SSCP, many of our students have also found them useful for other security exams such as CompTIA CASP, Security+ and others.

Schedule 2019

Every Tuesday 6:00-9:00 PM starting 07 May through 30 July.


Volunteers Assisting Seniors
Suite #312
Center Mall
1941 South 42nd Street
Omaha, NE 68105

Class Schedule

Week 01: May 07 - Introduction
Week 02: May 14 - Information Security Governance and Risk Management
Week 03: May 21 - Access Control
Week 04: May 28 - Networking - Part 1
Week 05: Jun 04 - Networking - Part 2
Week 06: Jun 11 - Cryptography/Cloud
Week 07: Jun 18 - Physical and Environmental Security
Week 08: Jun 25 - Security Architecture
      Jul 02 - No Class
Week 09: Jul 09 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Week 10: Jul 16 - Application Security
Week 11: Jul 23 - Operations Security/Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations
Week 12: Jul 30 - Review


The cost for the class is going to be $995.00 again this year.


#1. How are you guys different than one of the boot camps?

We are spread out over 12 weeks so you get a chance to absorb the material better. While passing exams is one of our goals, also the passing of knowledge is a big part of it as well.

#2. Is there a minimum/maximum number of attendees for the class?

We have a minimum number of registrations in mind for doing the class. We don't plan to publicize it since we want to have the option of waiving the requirement if we are close. We don't have a hard maximum for the class, but our facility does have some limits on space :-)

#3. Does the class come with books/vouchers for exams, etc???

No. There are several books we recommend you might want to consider adding to your library to help you with preparing for the exam. Shon Harris' CISSP All-in-One Exam guide is a very good book. The CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide is another one we recommend.

#4. So if I take this class will I pass the exam?

Probably not without additional studying/preparation. The exams all cover a lot of material and are several hours long. Our goal is to help the student get exposure to all the major domains and increase their odds of passing the exam.

#5. What should I bring to class?

Ideally a laptop along with any other note taking materials you'll need. We'll be making the slides available at the beginning of each class and you'll probably want to mark them up during the process.

#6. Who are the instructors for the class?

This year we'll be having several instructors for the class. Each of the instructors has a security certification and has been a presenter or instructor for NEbraskaCERT in the past.

#7. I need a lot of Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) for my current certification. Can I do the class to get a bunch of them?

It depends on the group that you have your certification with. The class is 42 hours of security training and it may or may not qualify. We suggest you consult with them to see if the class would work for CPEs.

#8. Are you guys affiliated with CompTIA/ISC^2/Cisco, etc? Is your training approved by them?

No. We are 100% independent of all of the above groups. We believe being independent allows us to offer our class for a far better price than them and we are also able to cover things that are not in their classware.

#9. When will you be offering the class next?

We're not sure currently. We'd like to offer it again in the fall, but depending on demand this might be an annual class.

#10. What if I miss a class?

We will have the slides for the classes available on our website for our students. There will also be a review session the last week of class.


To reserve a place please send an e-mail to Please make sure to include the word "registration" in your e-mail's subject line so it doesn't go to the spam folder. We'll send you a confirmation e-mail, registration form and save you a spot.

We will accept Credit Cards via PayPal and also checks. We won't be processing payments until the week before class or when we have met our minimum number of registrations. We'll get you the details when we have confirmed the class will be held.

If you need to be invoiced by NEbraskaCERT please let us know and we'll be in contact with you to get the information we need to submit an invoice?

Still have a question?

Please drop us an e-mail at and we'll work at getting you an answer back as soon as we can.

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Security+ is a Trademark of CompTIA.

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